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You are at the lake and are looking for something else to do today

Free or Inexpensive Activities

 While you are at the lake, what things are available for you and your family to do that don't take a lot of money?  Check out some of our suggestions.  

Marblehead Driving Tour

Come and tour the Marblehead  Peninsula!

Filled with historic pictures, and interesting info to digest, this tour is wonderful for those yearning to explore our beautiful peninsula's past and present. This tour can be done at your own pace and any time! 

The tour can be purchased in the online Lighthouse Gift Shop 

The cost is $7.50 for the app

This tour was created by a local Danbury student and her grandmother, a local historian.


Lighthouse ScavengerHunt

This two part selfie scavenger hunt will give you a chance to explore the Marblehead Lighthouse State Park and also take home some pictures to remember your day.  The outside portion is always available; the inside portion can be completed between noon and 4pm during the summer season.

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Go on an Adventure (Lab)

Adventure Labs are a special kind of Geocache or scavenger hunt that is free and family friendly.  Choose "Welcome to the Rock" to learn about the peninsula's connection to quarrying and the limestone under our feet. 

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Explore one of the local parks

There are a number of parks nearby that don't require a ferry ride.  Each has its own vibe, whether it is camping, playing on the playground or just watching the water.  Take your pick or visit them all.

  • Marblehead Lighthouse State Park

  • East Harbor State Park

  • James Park

  • Meadowbrook Marsh

  • Lake Point Park

  • Lucien Clemons Park

  • Bark Until Dark Dog Park

  • Danbury Township Hall

20190317_115335 (1).jpg
keepers house.jpg

Visit the Keeper's House

Visit the homestead of the first two Marblehead Lighthouse Keepers - Benajah and Rachel Wolcott.  This is the oldest home still standing in Ottawa County.

Check their website for days and times they are open or visit the site and cemetery anytime.


Marblehead Peninsula Branch Library Activities

Marblehead Peninsula Branch Library has a wide variety of offerings including:

  • loaning of life jackets

  • children's activities

  • informational presentations

  • used books for sale - great for the beach

Check Facebook  or their website for more information

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