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Quarry at the Marblehead Lighthouse

Before you leave the park, stop at our new quarry exhibit.  It is located on the exit road, just before you exit the park. Because the history of the lighthouse, the village of Marblehead, and quarrying are all  very interconnected, the Marblehead Lighthouse Historical Society decided to highlight this historically important area of the Marblehead Lighthouse State Park. This project was funded entirely by tour ticket sales, brick sales, donations, and gift shop sales. This project is one more way your contributions have helped us improve the park.


Take a look a what an early quarry looked like.  Read the informational plaques to learn more about the geology of the area, the limestone that is still quarried on the peninsula and the quarrying process.Then, as you leave the park, take notice of the beautiful historic limestone buildings found throughout the peninsula, and get a glimpse of the current quarry and its stone being loaded onto freighters. 

When you visit our quarry, you will find answers to the following questions


Why is there a brick wall?

This remnant tells an important story about how the quarry transported materials.


How is the white color of the lighthouse connected to the quarry?

The white color was not just for looks. There was another reason as well. 


Why are there so many fossils in the limestone?

Learn why there are fossils in limestone, then make sure to walk along the lakeshore and look for a variety of types of fossils.

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