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Commemorative Bricks

The Marblehead Lighthouse State Park, with the help of the Historical Society, is currently selling commemorative bricks for the brick pathways at the Marblehead Lighthouse State Park. The commemorative brick project was begun in 2009 and is currently expanding.  A new premium red brick pathway has been added from the Lighthouse to the Brick Circle.  Funds raised will help make improvements to The Marblehead Lighthouse State Park.




The premium path is complete

Order a brick 

  • You will need to order bricks online - there are no longer any paper applications available.  

  • Choose the size of brick you would like to order

    • The small and large gray bricks will be placed in the path between the brick circle and the lifesaving station​

    • The premium red bricks will be placed in the path between the lighthouse and the brick circle 

    • Notes on placement

      • The brick circle is no longer available for brick placement - the remaining spots are saved for Coast Guard members

      • You are not able to choose where to place the brick other than which path based on color

      • If purchasing bricks that you want placed together,  they need to be:

        • same type - premium or regular​

        • purchased in the same time frame and

        • ordered with a note at the time of payment- we will do our best to honor your request, but it is not guaranteed due to space available.

  • Click on the brick below

  • Purchase using PayPal

  • At the end of the transaction, you will be given an opportunity to enter your inscription

  • If you are ordering more than one brick, please place as separate orders so that they can be personalized.

  • Fill out what you would like inscribed on the brick

  • A certificate will be emailed to you within a couple weeks.

  • NOTE - Bricks are only placed a limited number of times a year based on when the engraver completes and returns them to us.  If you purchase in fall/winter, it may be summer before they are placed.  We will update on Facebook when a group of bricks has arrived. You can check the app below to find when and where to find your brick.