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People often ask where the money from the tickets go. The majority goes to the Marblehead Lighthouse Historical Society and a portion goes back to the state.


So what does the Marblehead Lighthouse Society do with the money?

All of their money earned/raised through the tower tours, gift shop, bricks, donations, memberships…goes back to the betterment of the park.

In 2021, the most obvious use of our funds is the restroom project. We had the building built while the state expanded the parking lot and improved the grounds around the building. That building has been officially handed over to the state.

The project before that was the construction of the replica of the Lifesaving Station that was originally in Marblehead. We also created the displays and obtained the artifacts found inside. That building was given to the state upon completion.

Those two projects put more than three quarters of a million dollars of improvement into the park…without the use of tax dollars. These are just two of the major projects, but our efforts can also be seen in some smaller projects like decorating the lighthouse for the holidays, creating the Keeper’s House Museum and renovating the gift shop to name a few.

The organization has several plans in mind for the future; they will all be designed to improve the park experience for the visitors. We are currently working on a quarry exhibit to highlight the on-site quarry and explain the importance of limestone quarrying to the Marblehead Peninsula and its economy. 

Know that your ticket money, gift shop and brick purchases, donations and memberships have made a real difference. The time and effort of our 80+ volunteers makes difference as well. Each season they have donated countless hours to sell tickets, run the gift shop, talk about the lifesaving service, plant flowers, talk to service organizations, meet with contractors…. All this adds up to a huge labor cost savings.

We are proud of what we have accomplished over the past 20+ years. Stay tuned for what we are planning for the future. We hope you join us as a volunteer, member, donor or visitor.

A 501(c)(3) organization

To Donate

The PayPal Giving Fund provides us a place to accept donations without having to pay fees, so all of your money goes back to the park.


For Memorials and Tributes

You will be taken to our PayPal site where you can leave a message to indicate the person you are donating in memory of or in honor of

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